Why Sundek ?

Unique Anti Ageing Formula : Keeps You Young… Always

Only Sundek has this Unique Anti Ageing Formula in the whole world. Due to anti ageing formula applied on Sundek International laminates, our product not only looks new on the first day, but our customers find that even after 10 - 15 years of use, the laminates looks bright and young. The long lasting bright colours always bring bright and dynamic thoughts in you. This keeps you young… always.

King of Designs : Away from Crowd

Sundek has the highest number of designs in all manufacturers all over India. We have more than 600 designs to choose for your vide variety of needs. Sundek designs are away from crowd. We specially choose our designs to be different than what is available in the market. Thus our designs are uncommon and exotic to make your interiors an exclusive master piece.

Relationship before Profit

At Sundek, we give more importance to relationship with customers, suppliers, employees as compared to profiteering. We believe in benefiting from long term relations rather than short term profit making. This helps in steady, long term and healthy relationship with one and all.

Excellent Customer Service

We have oldest and widest network in entire India. We deliver, therefore from anywhere to anywhere in India in shortest possible time. We maintain large stocks of laminates at every stock point. This helps you to preserve Project deadlines.

Quality by Control not by Chance

From raw material to finished products, entire factory is working under exacting standards well followed since 1987 without any allowance. We control the quality of our products stringently to keep you happy.

Living for Social Cause

Not only we run the business unit, we spend considerable amount for the poor and needy of our society. We believe in prosperity together. Our workers & staff are being provided with food, living and other facilities to make their life better. The religious atmosphere in the factory created by a Sanskrit school and pious temple helps in supplying spiritual input for workers, staff and management to bring out the product with divine touch. When you are buying Sundek product you are also sharing the fruits of a noble cause and efforts.

Total Solution

We are soon going to provide total interior decor solution to the customers.